This deals primarily with neuromusculoskeletal conditions. This therapy consist of using hands or instruments to correct spinal misalignments and/or make joint corrections in subluxated segments. The force used is gentle and can create a popping sound. Correction of subluxated joints allows for the body's innate intelligence to maintain optimal health. Her specialties are Diversified technique, Thompsom technique, COX flexion, Activator technique.



"Lynn is a very hardworking, dedicated and knowledgeable chiropractor. I came to her for the general chiropractic needs, as well as looking for options to help a seizure disorder I have. Not only did she do the very best to relate to my situation, she also did extensive research into it and to any possible avenues of treatment that could help prevent the seizures from happening. As of right now, I have gone a little over a year without a seizure when before the longest I had gone was three months. I would very much recommend Lynn to anybody looking for a knowledgeable, trustworthy and caring chiropractor."

-Jessica M.

“I just wanted to let you know, I've had my back pain for 26 years since my accident. Not always at a crazy level, although sometimes it has bed ridden me for weeks at a time it got so bad. However, on a scale of 1 to 10, at least a 3 minimum, twenty four hours a day, every day of the year. I've been to several doctors and several chiropractors over this time and some have helped a little bit here and there to ease me. I have to tell you though, the last day and a half have been virtually pain free for me. I can still tell it's there.

I can tell that it's not 100%, obviously, but however you treated me yesterday has alleviated my pain enough to make me feel like a new person. No kidding, if I was to gain all my pain back tomorrow, I would still commend you for giving me at least one pain free day in over 26 years. It's amazing!

From the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU!

I will see you soon Lynn, I owe you!
                                                            ~Mike M.​

Acupuncture & Auriculotherapy

This is the use of super-thin needles that are inserted at specific known points along meridians within the body. These meridians are pathways of energy flow throughout the body. In oriental medicine, these points correspond to specific organs or organ systems, and can have various effects on the body and mind. They are used to treat everything from pain to allergies, nausea, digestive disorders and more. Auricular points for smoking cessation, among other helpful benefits to a treatment. She uses Miridia Acupuncture scanning, needling, needless acupuncture, Moxabustion and Cupping. 


Massage Therapy

The massage can be scheduled for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. The techniques used are Swedish, Deep tissue, myofascial release, and hot stone therapy. Soon to come is Lymphatic drainage technique. 


Cutting edge technology that eliminates burning, tingling, numbness and pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. If you suffer from neuropathy due to diabetes or degenerative disease, this treatment option is FDA approved for nerve repair, and is not only safe, but comfortable AND effective in correcting the damage. 

Initial Consultation/exam:  Reg. $25.00     

Chiropractic Adjustments:  Reg. $50.00

  - Includes manual or adjunct therapies 

Kinesiotaping Rate:   Reg. $5-$10

1 Hour Massage rate: Reg. $80

Acupuncture Treament/Visit: Reg. $45.00
   - Meridian scan, acupuncture, Auriculotherapy or Cupping 

Neuropathy Treatment/visit: Reg. $75

    - Multiple treatments required

Class IV Cold Laser: Reg. $40

Dr. Lynn Vitale

Office:  636-317-6311

Cell:  314-520-3616